Pollough Farm Walk.


The best views of the Burren
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Pat Nagle’s farm is situated in the townland of Pullagh. The farm is accessed from a minor road from Carron that passes through the townlands of Termon, Coolnatullagh and Coskeam before reaching the spectacular views to the east and south-east at Pullagh. The farm is located on the southern slopes of Slievecarran and overlooks the Burren hills to the south and east and the south Galway plains to the north-east. The farm is accessed by a trackway that rises steeply up the southern slopes of Slievecarran.



A traditional winterage farm with some summer grazing/meadowing land.



Farm leads to the top of Slieve Carron.  This landscape was carved by the retreating glaciers during the last ice age 12,000 years agoe.  Amazing landscapes can be seen from here.


 Below the brow of the hill several secluded and sheltered valleys are located that are ideally suited to winter grazing. The known archaeological monuments on the farm range in date from the Bronze Age through the early Medieval to the post Medieval period. These include cairns, mound walls, field systems, enclosures, a souterrain, a house site, a possible burial site, a turf tile, wall shelters and some undefined sites


A farm rich in examples of the rare Burren Flora where Arctic, Alpine and Mediterranean flowers bloom side by side.



Pat has numerous tales and folklore of the area.