Burren Farm Walks

Relaxing in the countryside
The six farms are situated in the burren an area famous for its limestone carst landscapeMany tourists visit the Burren each year but miss out on some of the really special places. These areas are known only to the landowners .
Some areas of the Burren remain unchanged since the presence of the first farmer and are regarded as prehistoric landscapes fossilised in time. The area looks as it does because of the agricultural activitities that have been carried out by the f
armers down through the ages. Find out what these practises were and how some have survived into modern times. Few people have as intimate a knowledge of their environment as the people who work and depend on the land.

Below are the links to the five Burren Farm Walks


Getting the real story

   Pollough Farm Walk.   
  Poulnalour farm walk   
       Glenquin Farm Walk.   

   Caherfadda farm walk